Wednesday, 7 February 2018

British Book Challenge: Deception


Three Words: Family, Betrayal, Survival.

Am left feeling a few of things. Awe: all the science! Rage: that two faced lying!!!! Grief: just no...

Deception is fast paced & full of twists that keep you guessing as to how this story will end. I loved how the chapters go between Shay, Kai, & Callie again, giving you an insight to how each are feeling, or their own views. Throughout the book you can feel the pieces slowly revealing themselves, & each of the characters have developed so much, especially Shay. She's gone from being quietly strong, to holding her own & is very quick off the mark. Seeing just how far she's come from Contagion is wonderful! Although we're given a twist at the end to do with Callie, you couldn't come across a more kinder dark matter entity. What she does is beyond brave, & I am left feeling bereft. The final book just won't feel the same. Kai I could swing for! He comes across as being so a grouch, & seems to have no understanding as to what Shay must be going through. I am still shipping for Shay & him, even if I feel like he doesn't quite deserve her anymore. His new friend certainly likes taking advantage, & playing mind games. Am hoping her actions have deserving consequences. I can't wait for the third book to come out!

Thank you NetGalley & Hachette publishing for the advanced copy. I am over the moon & so privileged to have been granted an early release. And an even bigger thank you to Teri Terry for writing such amazing books!

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