Friday, 26 January 2018

Review: Ink by Alice Broadway


Three words: art, fables, integrity.

Everyone wishes to be remembered, our tales told, and our name spoken. Ink follows Leora after the recent death of her father, a flayer with a mark to hide, and a secret to be told. During Leora’s training to be an inker, she wonders just how evil are the blanks, those who don't show their life story upon their skin. Is it fair that a mother shouldn't mourn the loss their child who has passed before they could be marked, and therefore blank. Or what about the forgotten? Marked so that even if they've led a good life, they'll never be remembered for their good deeds due to a past error. All the while Leora is also learning a well kept secret about herself, hidden from her by those she loves, and trusts. Can she learn what her parents have been trying to teach her? Not everyone who is marked is good, and not all that are unmarked are bad.

Beautiful read, and absolutely stunning cover!

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